Entrepreneur Stories

I feel I have a lot of experiences to share. Through social media, blogs, articles, and an upcoming ebook, my storytelling may serve as an inspiration for those working through depression, going through transition, or wanting to travel more. I hope it may help others to read stories from someone who is continuing to discover oneself. I am not trying to give business advice as I can’t offer much of that, but rather I can tell stories of experiences I have had the last 20 years and new experiences going forward.

I use the term entrepreneur broadly and include the social entrepreneur hoping to positively impact society or the artist working with the primary goal of creating art. Anybody who is enterprising and, for instance, someone who prevails despite challenges like a physical handicap, mental illness, language and cultural differences, or differences in views on diversity. Through writing and digital storytelling, I blog about the development of my online business and the challenges I encounter around legal issues, accounting, digital marketing, and technology.