Creative Workspaces

When I start traveling more internationally again, I will visit workspace environments that I find interesting and write reviews about them. The criteria for the workspaces I write about are more in the line of being retreats, and I like it to encourage innovation, diversity, and creativity. I tend to try and do as much as I can around my writing on mobile devices and supplement it, when necessary, on my laptop so my workspace can be anywhere I feel comfortable. I follow the CEO of LiquidSpace, Mark Gilbreath, on LinkedIn, who talks about the “flexible office economy.”

They say the trend is going towards a reasonable continued use of traditional office space for collaboration and business-social interaction but a more hybrid approach. More and more people may not want to work in a traditional office at all, and I will have reviews of anything alternative that is, as much as possible, different from a traditional workspace. I may even include some spaces that aren’t really workspaces but inspired me. So it is very fluid and may not be the traditional understanding of workspace. I will try to cover creative workspaces that appeal more to my target audience.